Why we use the LED strip light in the home decoration?

Why we use the LED strip light in the home decoration?

07 Jan, 2022

Many people will ask the home designer, why you use the LED strip light? It will not only increase the total cost, but also need to consider the maintenance in the future. Will it cause the light pollution? Is it looks good visually?

During the home decoration, many designers will use the LED strip light naturally in order to increase the feeling of layering at home, and also enrich the light environment.

Actually, many people does not know who use this design at the first and why. Two masters Richard Kelly and Philip Johnson create the concept of light washing. It means using multiple light sources to light up the wall uniformly.


Led strip light used in the ceiling

It can add the layering in the ceiling by using the led strip light. Combining with light and shade, it can also create atmosphere of movement and peace.


LED strip light used in the cabinet

It weakens the sense of enclosure and inharmonic by using the led strip light in the cabinet design. When you open the cupboard, everything is clear.


LED strip light used in the wall

If the background wall of the dining room, bedroom, hallway, can apply with the led strip light, it can make the space more remarkable.




LED strip light used in the bathroom

Hiding the led strip light surround the mirror sketches the shape of the mirror, which express your own personality and highlight your style.


LED strip light used on the floor

LED strip light can also be designed on the floor, which can make this little zone more layering, and this soft and hazy light offer you a sense of safety.


LED strip light usually hide in suspended ceiling, wall, bridge or floor to draw the outline of the space, which become one of the most favorable way by the designer nowadays. In the style of simple design, LED strip light can make the space trendier. During the decoration, LED strip light not only looks good, but also can let the space brighter.


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