What Is High Voltage Strip Light

What Is High Voltage Strip Light

07 Jan, 2022

LED strip lighting is one of the lights we use widely in our daily life. On the market, the LED strip light is packed to be a reel. The length is cut according to the customers’ requirements.

But why can it still be light after cutting? Let’s look at the circuit inside the LED strip light.


12 volt LED light strip power supply

The Circuit Of 12V LED Strip Light


Take 12 volt LED light strip power supply as an example. Each group is a series connected by 3 LED chips and resistant. The function of the resistance is to protect the LED by limiting the current. Combining the working voltage of the LED chips, the working voltage of each group is 12V.


Therefore, if we cut the LED strip light by group, each group can form the circuit independently. Then parallel it with many groups, the voltage of each group is the same, and it can work normally.


The high voltage strip light is to connect LED chips and resistant in series with 220V to share the voltage, and the working voltage of each group is 220V.


high voltage strip light


The Application Of High Voltage Strip Light

Nowadays, many companies and enterprises prefer the modernized decoration style - they install the LED strip light with cold light directly on the ceiling and hide it on the counter, which can create a professional and high efficient image of the company.

indoor LED wall light

Indoor LED Wall Light


modern wall lamp

Modern Wall Lamp


The LED high voltage strip light is also widely used and play an important role in restaurant decoration. The background color of this restaurant is yellow. But in the hall, LED strip light is not the main light source, just hidden in the corner of the walls, highlighting the golden color of the wall and reaching the wall-washing effect.

wall mounted led light

Wall Mounted LED Light


In the bar beside the hall, several LED strip light were installed at the floor for decoration, which create the mysterious and romantic atmosphere, Comfortable for staying.

best led strip light indoor color remote

Best LED Strip Light Indoor Color Remote


The high voltage strip light can be used not only in public places such as offices and restaurants but also in private apartments, which will brighten your eyes.


In the bedroom with a white tone design, one decorated picture was fixed on the golden section of the wall, echoing with the crossed LED strip light, which adds an artistic ambience to the room.


LED strip light, as a new light source and decoration element, has become increasingly popular in the market, whether in architectural design, landscape design, or home decoration


home decoration LED strip light

Home Decoration LED Strip Light


While in the bedroom with the grey color tone, the LED strip light on the wall shines a light yellow color that matches up with the main lamp, which creates an ambience for the space.

cool LED strip light bedroom ideas

Cool LED Strip Light Bedroom Ideas


Final Word

Yoshiny is a leading LED strip light manufacturer and supplier in China, offering a wide range of affordable and high-performance options for any LED strip lighting requirement. For information about cool LED strip light bedroom ideas with various high voltage strip lights, home decoration LED strip lights and indoor LED wall lights, modern wall lamps and wall mounted LED lights for commercial lighting applications or any other requirement of LED strip lights. Please feel free to contact us at for the most professional LED strip lighting solution!

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