How to create a cozy atmosphere by lighting design

How to create a cozy atmosphere by lighting design

07 Jan, 2022

How to create a cozy atmosphere by lighting design

Low -location lighting is a very good way to create atmosphere for the space, we can see this effect through many television dramas.

The dining room from Movie<perfect stranger>, the light source were spread everywhere. There is almost no light source from the ceiling. It creates a low-key luxury feeling even without a main lamp.




Light distributing way for low location lighting


Low location lighting is such a good way, but how to do it?


When we turn on all the lights, it is hard to feel the benefit of low location lighting. But when we get together with our friends, have a little chit chat and drink some beer, or watch TV with family member, we do not need to much light. At this time, low location lighting can make you feel comfortable and relax.

Below is the comparison simulating by the software


When the light is all on, we cannot feel the difference (on the red flame of the left picture we put a small lighting ball for low location lighting)


When only turn on some lights, the one with low location lighting is warmer and easy for relaxing.


In the following, we add some light on and under the TV cabinet.

After adding the light on and under the TV cabinet, the sense of depth of the space is much better. (Notice: we put the table lamp on the left of the TV is because it is in line with the diagonal light distribution principle. If we put the lamp on the right side, the space will lose balance.)


The light distribution of above picture, the sight is focused on the bottom. But what if we change the table lamp to be the floor lamp?


As the picture show, the light divide the space into 3 parts: down light on the ceiling, floor lamp in the middle(can be replaced by pedant light), led strip light and light ball at the bottom, all these three parts lighting create a very relaxed atmosphere which is suitable for chatting and drinking with our friends.

Let’s summarize the low location lighting: 3 lows



Low color temperature+low lux+low location


Low location lamp, how to install?


According to the installation way, there are three kinds of lamp: 1 1 put on type  2 embedded type  3 imbed type



But which type of lamp should we use? It depends on the installation condition.


 Put on type

Put on type lamp is easy to enter into our sight, therefore, the high style need to be avoided.


The low location lighting is more for decoration, therefore it does not require for high lumen, 3-10W is recommended.


Put on the floor directly type need to be avoided, especially for the incandescent light.


The fragile lamp (glass) should be avoided as well.


As for the embedded and imbed type, we usually adopts the strip light, rigid bar or foot light. The installation is more complicated than the put on type, and it has certain requirement for the installation condition.


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