3 ways to prolong the life-span of LED strip light

3 ways to prolong the life-span of LED strip light

07 Jan, 2022

The heat dissipation of the flexible strip light is only relay on the FPC board. The heat dissipation effect is certainly not good. But what if we adopt the rigid strip?

The rigid strip is made up of three things: aluminum profile, acrylic cover and strip light. The LED strip light can decrease the temperature through the aluminum profile. Dissipate the heat through the aluminum profile is the most simple way to cool down the temperature.

If the heat dissipation condition is the same, and we did not use the aluminum profile for heat dissipation, but decrease the heat produced by the LED strip light. Is this can be a way to cool down the temperature?

Then how to decrease the heat produced by the LED strip light? Lower the power is the only way out?

Not really, under the same lumen output, there is 2 ways to decrease the heat producing: increase the light utilization rate and increase the light efficiency of the LED chip.


Enhance the light utilization rate

Enhance the light utilization rate by changing the optical structure. Let the light only shine to the place that needs to be lighted. By this way, it can guarantee the same light effect and at the same time, reduce the power consumption.


When focus the light on the things that need to be lighted, it can not only reduce the light losses, but also can avoid the glare.

Take full advantage of the light and reduce the light losses can achieve higher light output and less heat under the same wattage.


Enhance the light efficiency of the chip

There is another way to reduce the heat, which is to use the chips with low heat emission.

What is the theory of it? The input power of the LED strip light is divided into two parts, one is transformed to be light, and the other one is transformed to be heat. The chip with high light efficiency can turn more power to be light and less power to be heat under the same power input.

The heat emission part becomes smaller, and then heat from the strip light is less which also causes the decrease of the temperature. In addition, due to the enhancement of the light utilization, the power is decreased and the heat is less.

Adopt the LED chip with high efficiency, it can turn electric energy to light, and reduce the energy losses turning to heat energy.


Enhance the heat transition effect of the lighting environment

At last, no matter how we lower the heat emission, how we utilize these conditions, the LED strip light will produce the heat. Thus, under the airtight environment, the heat will accumulate inside. If install the high power strip light, ventilate the space is necessary to transmit the heat out.

Notice: the LED lamp should install in the place with good air circulation or stick to the material with good heat dissipation.

In conclusion, there are things we can do to lower the temperature: increase the heat dissipation condition, enhance the light utilization rate and enhance the light efficiency of LED chip.

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