high lumen LED strip light


The high lumen LED strip light applies crystal clear PVC tubing that is durable and high light transmission. The maximum extension length of the high lumen LED strip light is 100M, and it can be cut every 1M (at marked intervals). The high lumen LED strip light is energy-saving and has a long life span, which is easy to install and operate - just plug in power to light up. With high flexibility, temperature sustainability, and UV resistance, the high lumen LED strip light can be used anywhere - both indoors and outdoors, including bedrooms, kitchen lighting under cabinet LED lights, stairways, hallways, kids' bedrooms, ambient lighting, etc.


The high lumen LED strip light creates a totally smooth, seamless line of light. The excellent design will not show visible dots or hot spots, making it ideal illumination for reflective surfaces such as granite countertops, ceilings, tile floors, jewelry cases, and more narrow or backlighting applications. Besides, the chip-on-board technology not only maintains quality light, but it reduces heat buildup and gives the strip improved flexibility. The high lumen LED strip light is a solution for places where quality color rendering is needed, such as display cases and kitchen counters. 


The high lumen LED strip light with the smooth neon-like profile is ideal for producing superior, even illumination. Also, the flat profile makes the high lumen LED strip light perfect for embedding. Built-in protection circuit design means a single LED failure has no effect on other LEDs working in the same unit, and the whole light can keep constant lighting.

As a professional LED light manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer the most reliable high lumen LED strip light on the market, providing seamless fittings built to preserve light uniformity. Designed for on-site configuration and assembly, the high lumen LED strip light has become the definitive solution for architectural decor and more commercial applications.


The flexibility of the high lumen LED strip light is one of many outstanding features that allow designers to explore and create a variety of shapes and advanced patterns that were not possible before. Offering high-performance uniform light, the high lumen LED strip light is perfect for architectural lighting and ideal for highlighting and outlining perimeters.


Shop a large selection of LED strip lights for indoor or outdoor applications, such as under-cabinet lighting, coves, landscapes, vehicles, and more. Choose the high lumen LED strip light of any color, brightness, or length, and install them with a range of compatible accessories. Rigid LED bars and flexible neon strips are also available at Yoshiny. We help our clients work on some incredible projects and do impressive work! Look through our website to see some wonderful projects done with our products!