AC LED Strip Light

AC LED Strip Light

This AC power strip light collection is the perfect alternative to traditional incandescent rope lights, providing significant energy cost savings. The AC flexible strip light is easy to install and can bring excellent accent lighting for stairs, railings, overhangs, and so on.

The AC power of the AC LED strip light means this LED rope strip light can be used in permanent applications such as railing lights, garden bed borders, cabinet/counter lighting, tree trunks, awnings and bars, and other residential or commercial applications.

* AC LED strip light: The AC LED strip light is made of high-quality LED chips & PVC soft covering with a smooth surface. Bright and low power consumption with dimmable brightness and no light spot can be seen even at a close distance.

* AC flexible strip light: The AC flexible strip light can easily bend into the shape you want, which is a great option for DIY accent lighting around the home, including under cabinet lighting, cove lighting, shelf lighting, handrail lighting, and so on. 

LED flex strip is the perfect solution for any lighting project - indoors or outdoors! We manufacture and supply a wide range of high-quality flat strip lights, including the high voltage strip light, 220V LED strip light, 127V LED strip light, 110V LED strip light, SMD LED strip light, 5050 RGB strip light, high lumen LED strip light, PVC LED strip light, LED rope lights indoor, LED rope lights outdoor, etc. 

Our AC flexible strip light and AC LED strip light have a wide range of applications scenarios, such as living room, TV backlighting, gardens, party, bar lighting decoration, luminous signs, car interiors, etc.